CCB Review: “Blue Mountain State”

From the network that prides itself as being a total “guys” channel, Spike TV has provided its fans with perhaps one of the funniest and unintentionally homoerotic shows they could come up with . . . about football!

A takeoff on the football-centric university from National Lampoon’s Van Wilder and Animal House, Blue Mountain State centers around the life of second-string quarterback (which basically means he’s the “backup on standby”), Alex Moran (Darin Brooks). Being a freshman and new to the team, he and friend/teammate, Craig Shilo (Sam Jones III), are constantly subject to hazing, partying and binging on either drugs, alcohol or both!

The show itself stays on the vein to the adult-in-nature and raunchy quality of the National Lampoon films, meaning sometimes the jokes are hits and sometimes they’re misses. At times missing the ball completely! One thing’s for sure, though, the amount of (cable friendly) male nudity more than makes up for those misses! Including Smallville’s studly Aquaman, Alan Ritchson (aka team captain Thad Castle on the show; check out‘s website! They have a completely nude Ritchson viewable only from the back!).

The half hour comedy can be best described as being so funny it’s stupid and vice versa! It all works together in the end, so well. From the hard rock opening credits to the downright “from left field” stuff like the mascot accidentally killing Billy (BMS’ goat) or Craig getting a blowjob from a tranny hooker (played by Juwanna Man star, Miguel A. Nunez Jr).

The college humor works for me, the gratuitous masculine tone isn’t completely heartless, even the occasional gay joke isn’t at all insulting (in fact, they make it seem like Thad may actually be a closet case as well). The fact that this show is on right after ABC’s Lost ends helps too, Tuesdays are a boring TV night!

This show is an admitted guilty pleasure. I do ask only one thing of the creators/writers, though: More naked Alan Ritchson, please! Seems like he doesn’t have any issue with nudity at all! I’m easily amused, so what?

Catch the show Tuesdays, 10pm/9c, on Spike TV or on their site:

More pictures below (from and more available at

Aquaman never looked better!

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