What Ever Happened To…TwistedStuds.com?

We’re all very much aware of the plethora of porn the internet has for us, these days especially. Some legal, some not, many tasteful, others downright wrong! We’ve got sites like Randy Blue, Sean Cody, Dirty Tony, Dominic Ford, Maskurbate, Naked Kombat, boundgods, kinkmen, Jake Cruise, GayTube, xTube, cam4, LiveJasmin and flirt4free. I could name SO MANY more, but that could take forever…

Back in ’06, however, I became a fan of a fairly unknown blog (at the time) that belonged to a real life long-term couple, Evan and Brad, or the boys of twistedboys.blogspot.com, which later turned into twistedstuds.com when it appeared their blog was hijacked, and the inclusion of a third boy into the relationship. If you go to the site, though, it seems it’s down. I don’t know for how long it’s been like this, but it’s down.

It wasn’t their exhibitionism that fascinated me, or their lack of use of condoms, foot worship, water sports, or even watching Brad be literally treated like a dog (before we get into it for the no-condom thing, remember: THEY WERE A LONG-TERM COUPLE, NOT A STUDIO), it was the fact that emotions radiated out of both and you could see it through their videos that fascinated me. Even when Brad was getting pissed on by Evan in their shower, Brad’s smirk always told me they had fun and they were so into each other and into their moment together, having fun (though I admit it seemed, at times, like Evan may have been a little bit too into himself! I could have and could be reading into that wrong though)! True romance, what you don’t really see in porn often. Sure, I get that there ARE emotions you need to tap into to do your scenes, porn friends, don’t get me wrong there, however when you’re in love and doing things with the one you love…it shows! Just as it did with these mid-western American boys.

I miss them, there, I said it! Whatever it was that took their site down, whether business or a possible break up, I miss them.

In my absolute favorite video of theirs they’re not even naked or doing anything dirty, they’re just sharing an intimate moment! It’s the cutest, hottest, most romantic thing I’ve seen to date! Again, don’t take this as an insult, porn friends, I’m talking about the real emotion you can see and sense here…I’m attaching the link to this video below so you can see what I’m going on about. At one point Evan takes Brad’s hand, kisses it, and you can’t help but go, “Awww!” when you see Brad’s reaction!

Video and 3 pics from the video below the cut (NSFW, depending on where you work, I guess)

Download the video here.

2 thoughts on “What Ever Happened To…TwistedStuds.com?

  1. I used to visit their site as well. I have a few of their pics and video clips I turn back to every so often for some fun. They certainly were a hot couple.

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