What Ever Happened To…The Red Ranger?

Austin St. John, 1992/1993

What ever happened to the Red Power Ranger? Not what many of us think, apparently!

How long ago was it that rumors flooded the internets that the beloved original Red Ranger, Austin St. John/”Jason,” was now doing gay porn and going by the name “Brock” on Sean Cody? And, really, how many of us were ready to rub our, uh, “third leg” to nubs the moment we saw the pictures?

Well, turns out it’s not him! [Pause to hear many hearts breaking across the readership.]

Many of us were sucked into the news, rekindling long forgotten dirty memories of the 90s superhero. I admit even I was sucked into the news and briefly believed the two were the same at one point (though always skeptical).

Questions began to arise, comparisons were made…then, finally, St. John made an appearance on one of the later/last incarnations of the Power Rangers. Unfortunately, I can’t find pics of that episode, but I can tell you it involved all of the Red Rangers “in history” coming together. Sounds exciting. (read: Zzzzzz!)

(By the way, the most notable difference between Brock and St. John: their voices! St. John has always had a really deep voice, Brock doesn’t.)

Sean Cody's "Brock"

It’s still easy to say and assume St. John would deny such an accusation, but, thankfully, we have the internet and photographic evidence that proves it’s not him and back him up (I’m on your side here, Jas—I mean Austin)! It’s as easy as googling his name now!

It seems in recent years St. John has been attending Power Morphicon, a Power Ranger convention here in LA I wasn’t even aware existed (anyone remember “Rocky”? Even with a receding hairline, that guy is still hot!). There are some youtube videos floating about where Steve Cardenas/”Rocky” and St. John discuss the show.

Care to see what St. John looks like up close now? Keep reading after the cut!

I should make this clear now, Sean Cody does not claim Brock is or ever was Austin St. John.
(See more of Sean Cody’s Brock here)

* * *

Austin St. John, circa 2008

Now, I know you see this picture and may think, “WOW! He really let himself go!” But the truth is…he hasn’t! Training and his job just haven’t been kind to his beefcake face.

Take a look at these videos, Austin St. John is on the video’s left, Steve Cardenas/”Rocky” on the right.

Interview w/ St. John and Cardenas pt. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAPKdDWYJF8
Interview w/ St. John and Cardenas pt. 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=554SG8w7K7w

The sound quality in the videos is kinda bad, cameraman should have gotten closer to the actors. But notice: the picture on the left and the videos are from the same event!

Needless to say, St. John CLEARLY still has it. Porn or not! 😉

Recent picture taken from Austin’s InstantCast page: http://www.instantcast.com/AllStars/Austin_St._John

(See Brock in action, courtesy of Gay Porn Fanatic: http://www.gaypornfanatic.com/2010/03/32710-muscled-stud-jerks-off-works-out.html)


Check this out, found it on YouTube! The series of interviews this person has were uploaded 4 months ago: http://www.youtube.com/user/THEMAULER65

In “Part 1,” he reveals he became a paramedic and has now been a FIREFIGHTER for the past seven years! He went from fictional hero to real-life hero, HOT! That explains all the beefcake, then! Go figure…

But…STOP THE PRESSES! Get this! In “Part 3” of this interview, Austin actually TALKS about not being in gay porn! Goes so far as saying Brock’s name! Check it around the 1:15 mark!

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