STR8cam Lube

He really wants you to buy some...

Tweet, tweet! Tweet all about it! Have you heard all the chirping lately in the Twitter tree? Well, if you haven’t: most gay porn fans have been all a-flutter lately over @STR8cam‘s newest product, a brand of their own lube: STR8cam Lube.

I have to admit that at first I was wondering if STR8cam Jeff’s fans were simply trying to push his latest product to appease the über-nice, lightly hairy dreamboat of a muscle hunk…then I got to know the guy (which I’ll blog about at a later time). After all the back and forth tweets between he and I, and after repeatedly watching the Muzophile video review — for, uh, review “references,” shall we say? — I figured, why the hell not?! I gave Jeff my details and after a first attempt delivery failure (the packet was squished open during delivery, I had nothing but a finger-scraping of lube), I finally got to experience Jeff’s lube and see if all the raving was just smoke being blown up my ass by his fans and followers…

…boy, do I regret my skepticism!

The water-based lube was brilliantly designed to look and feel like cum (namely, Jeff’s), it’s so similar you have to question it for just one split second! Unlike cum and other lubes, however, it doesn’t get crusty, gummy or all nasty-like, it dries up nicely and the only residue left is an amazing moisturized feeling! Very little of it goes quite a long way, too! A really long way! I was, uh, “kept busy” for a while. A very long while!

Best yet is the price! For $13 (USD, plus $5 shipping) you get a large 8 oz/236ml bottle. Or if you’re feeling…”moody,” you could buy up to 4 bottles for $40 (plus shipping)! I highly recommend you buy yourself a bottle or two…or four!

Action aside, I was telling Jeff after the first delivery failure that, because of allergies, I’m experiencing really dry skin at the moment. I got that finger-scraping of lube and, seriously, my left index finger was far more moisturized than what it would be using my lotion! (Aveeno Daily, for you nosy assholes really curious readers.) Hell, I may buy bottles to keep from being ashy from now on! I really do think STR8cam has a hit on his hands (and in his Fleshjack) with a very great product here!

Sample packets, choose your favorite color!

If you’re still as skeptical as I was, try it out for yourself! For a limited time, STR8cam Lube is giving away free half ounce packets! For more info on that, check his page out here. Or if you’d like to buy your own 8 oz bottle(s), check out his site at and let him know I sent ya! 😉

(Stay tuned for a special ClosetCaseBlog SPOTLIGHT on STR8cam’s Jeff! Coming soon.)

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