Over 140: #FF

Goodbye, FF! You were fun at first, but now it’s more like a tedious job and elitist promotion, for me I mean!

#FF means “Follow Friday,” for those of you still not in the know…

Just in case you still don’t get it: Follow Friday is basically a shout out to people you follow. What you do is compile a list of people YOU think deserve more followers, thus giving them the said shout out—or “blast,” or however you silly kids and your music are calling it these days—for your other followers to follow!

Still with me?

In other words: let’s say you think “Lorenzo” is the most awesomest of awesome (or hottest) friends to exist on the face of the intrawebs, but he’s a total n00b and isn’t being followed by the other people you like on Twitter. Well, that’s when #FF comes in! Come Friday (in some cases it’s as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Thursday night), you give him the said “blast” on your twitter feed:

#FF @LorenzosFakeTwitterName because he’s a total n00b and an all out stud! (hung, too!)

Well, what happens next is that you’ve given Lorenzo about 1500 reasons to stay on twitter. Your followers (assuming they’ve all caught the bait you so deviously set out) should be clicking on his link and following the guy on the spot. Then Lorenzo totally owes you a good dicking for being an even more awesome friend than he is! …or a blow job, or a hot make-out session, or even a 3×3 with Animal Style fries and a large Dr. Pepper from In-N-Out, at the very least! Jasun Mark, I’m looking at you. 😉

Jokes aside…

It’s an interesting “networking” practice, sure! I can say I find it beneficial, being that I’m a half-assed blogger who’d like an audience, but there is a proper way and a wrong way to participate! As my buddy, Logan [grabs his ass], pointed out in a ReTweet that got him to participate last week: there are rules! Rules that the majority of people don’t follow.

Instead of giving people a reason for following “Lorenzo,” people decide to instead kill countless birds with one stone by fitting as many as the 140 character limit will allow. I admit that up until last week I was somewhat guilty of this as well. And some people tend to GO ON AND ON AND ON with it. I’ve seen several twitter users go so far as listing their ENTIRE followers list. Those following them and those they follow!

The result of that becomes lengthy, disorganized and insensitive. You cram so many people in a list that you tend to remove any reason WHY these folks should be followed in the first place. You’d be surprised to find out that other Twitter users see and call this as it is: SPAM!

Instead of giving me a reason as to WHY I should follow Lorenzo (and Chuey, and Dimitri, and Lucinda, and Bill, and Pam, and Eric [True Blood reference! Lulz, you guys!], and Starkeisha, and Buttercup, and Phillip, and Tommy, and Heroes Star Zachary Quinto), I’m getting a re-listing of all your followers. Why?

It’s because of this improper method that I feel I should back out from participating now. It’s not that it’s getting me down or anything, it’s just that I don’t want to be labeled a spammer. You can call me a bevy of names—Bastard, faggot, dumb ass, bud (even bro), Master/Overlord—but a spammer? No!

Also, I list a bunch of people who’ve A) already got a large following anyway, and B) have quite the amount of people giving them FF love all over their face, too!

So, really, my participation is pretty unnecessary but if you’re TRULY interested in who I think you should follow…ask me, instead! I have absolutely no issue answering questions for people on Twitter or Formspring—as long as we stay off the topic of goth stereotypes, vagina and @pornobobbie (love ya, Bobbie, lol!). =)

4 thoughts on “Over 140: #FF

  1. Thanks for the link and the attempt to keep #FollowFriday meaningful…

    You said it a lot more colorfully than I would have, but you’re dead on with your thoughts on the subject. 🙂

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