He Doesn’t See It

Jake Gyllenhaal does gay porn now as a ginger, tattooed hunk from the UK and going by the name Kennedy Carter!? Well, no, he’s not. A guy can dream, though!

See, my June Crush, Mr. Kennedy Carter, tells me he doesn’t see the resemblance between himself and the A-list celeb. Hopefully this will now change!

For months I couldn’t figure out why my crush on Kennedy Carter felt so familiar. As if I’ve been crushing on him for years, even! As I have for Jake Gyllenhaal since Bubble Boy…


Yesterday The Sword congratulated Kennedy for winning their “Big Dick Contest” at Dore Alley and that’s when it hit me. It was the last picture they posted, a lovely shot from Raging Stalion, that did it.

Do you see it? The resemblance is strongest whenever Jake and Kennedy are making goofy faces. And pretty much any picture of Jake in Jarhead.



This one’s for those of us who dream of Jake looking down at us, like so, as we gag.

Photo from Hunk Du Jour blog

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