Eddie Stone – “The Stone Age”

The Stone Age has to be one of the most interesting adult movies I own! Definitely my favorite of my collection now.

The first sex scene featuring my longest porn crush, Eddie Stone, is cute, sad and aggressive all at the same time! The story fascinates me — there’s a gay caveman tribe and a straight tribe, Eddie (member of the straight tribe) ends up going after Jesse Santana which results in his exiling from said straight caveman tribe.

It’s an interestingly tragic love story, but as it’s porn, there were more than a few “happy endings.”

I love it! And my crush on Eddie remains strong!

(While writing this entry I tried finding a link for others to be able to buy this movie but it seems the dvd production of The Stone Age has been discontinued. This movie is a very sexy gem, find and watch it—legally—online, wherever available!)


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