Over 140: A Response to Collin O’Neal

I recently received a fascinating question from World of Men (NSFW) creator and overlord (and drop-dead stud, and a total sweetheart), Collin O’Neal:

When I was getting this nice, long answer ready to blog, I then see Gay Porn Times‘ JC Adams say it best (and with less words):

Which is true, fight and argue as one might, porn stars are passing fads and trends (much as I hate to write it). A porn “star” is simply a temp job.

That said, though, and to begin answering Collin’s second question: porn entities (adult entertainers, performers, etc. — not just “stars” anymore) can do well now but it greatly depends on how they handle themselves as a product/business and not let an air of self-importance get in their way. Throw in the advent of the internet and now there’s a new twist: a bigger, much wider importance and respect of/for your fan-base, not necessarily touching base with each and every last one of them but understanding them enough to know how to work for them.

Twitter is a hell of a tool, it’s brought everyone (public and private citizen/figure) “closer” than any other social network has been able to. It helps us “regular people” be a voyeur and witness just what a person we may admire is truly like, sometimes with negative outcomes. I know I’ve had my fair share of moments where I have to stop and say to myself, “Really? That’s what you’re like?” before hitting the unfollow button.

From the internet there have also been new stars and spotlights forming from people we may have NEVER heard from before or people who are just clever enough to know how to market themselves. Take str8cam‘s Jeff for example, who knows what his gay fans want to see without having to perform gay sex acts on camera. It worked enough for him to create his own fantastic self-named lube that even I’ve had the pleasure of trying out and raved about.

Studios/internet-run companies are catching on and buying rights/exclusives to their one product alone (the one new “star” being the primary focus of a whole website rather than a single movie). Or, people who have no previous porn backgrounds like the Maverick Men from Boston (to my knowledge they don’t, anyway), who built an entire fan-base by working independently — if I’m not mistaken, I first came across them two or three years ago, maybe, on xtube — and without the aid of any studio to this day (again, to my knowledge).

The future of porn/porn stars isn’t uncertain and it’s definitely not going anywhere. It’s changing, and depending on how web/business-savvy one is, the new porn stars of today have a greater chance to leave a longer lasting impression than any star in the past ever has.


2 thoughts on “Over 140: A Response to Collin O’Neal

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  2. Great read. Living in SF I know a hand full of porn “stars” most of then have real jobs on the side. Daddies seem to have gain in popularity or fad. So, careers ,ay be extended for another decade 🙂

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