Doctor Who Comic Relief Mini-Episodes!

I’m a complete geek for the newer Doctor Who series, there’s no denying that.

I started watching when the 9th Doctor (Chrisopher Eccleston) revamped the series, saddened when he regenerated into the 10th incarnation of the Doctor (David Tennantwho just might be the best version of the Time Lord so far?) and really did cry — think Oprah’s “ugly cry” — when the latter then turned into the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) last year.

The series just keeps getting better and better. When I started watching with Eccelston at the reins, I thought no other actor could possibly replace him…then Tennant came along and practically ripped my nerdy little heart out and served it to Rose (Billie Piper) before he dumped her in that parallel world (don’t even get me started on Martha or “Doctor Donna”). Now the new Doctor, along with his new companions and recently married couple, Amy and Rory, are quickly vying for that top spot.

Now we wait for the sixth season to start (Saturday, April 23rd on BBC America) and while we sit on the edge of our seats and bite our fingers to stubs, we have a treat from the BBC! Doctor Who contributed to a little Comic Relief special! The only taste we’re getting in the States until April!


**Update: The new teaser almost looks like a movie trailer.


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