A Turn

On Monday my mom’s doctors informed her that there’s nothing more they can do for her and, as of that same afternoon, she’s been placed in hospice care.

The day after a bed and a few other things (oxygen tanks, machine with mask, walker, wheelchair) were brought over and it actually brought a smile to her face, “I’ve been meaning to buy an adjustable bed.” Happy as she seemed at that moment, I was struggling to keep my knees and balance steady. Couldn’t/can’t believe we’ve reached this point.

Chemotherapy was apparently “making her worse” (that’s how it was said to me) and the countless meds she was taking have done a number on her stomach and damaged her liver. She has now been removed from all cancer treatments and a nurse will be coming over weekly, for now, to check up and “keep her comfortable” from here on out.

As of now we haven’t told the rest of my family or family-friends. In fact, as far as I know, it’s just the immediate family that knows (my aunt, my two cousins and grandmother). We’re trying to catch our breath and have a little time alone before we bring everyone in. There will be the inevitable swell of bodies and emotions around my mom. Can’t say I’m very much looking forward to that but there’s no way around it.

We’ve invited some friends and family over this weekend and that’s when, we’ve all decided, is best to start sending the news out.

As of this moment I’m also giving up on just about everything except for writing (trying to, anyway) and checking my personal emails. I’ve stopped searching for a job, too. There is nothing more important now than making sure my mom is not left alone…


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