Closeted, gay, vigilante superhero, fiend.

These are the words to best describe me, really. Well, maybe not the “vigilante” bit, but I digress!

Backwards as it may sound, I am not ashamed of being a closeted gay man living in Los Angeles. I know many who take issue with this, and I have to admit I agree on some level, but circumstances and priorities currently dictate my way of life and, therefore, I take comfort behind my (temporary) mask.

But who am I?

Unfortunately, I won’t be handing out those answers just yet, I’m just not ready. What I will tell you is that I am Hispanic, 20-something, son of a mother who battled cancer (and has since passed away as of October 2011) and I’m currently sleeping on a living room couch and by no means enjoying that…

I don’t usually go out so in all likelihood, if I’m given an invite anywhere, I may reject you. The whole idea of going out just seems tedious and irrelevant to me — not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just a homebody! Or hermit, whatever you want to call it.

My purpose here is to simply share what I know, whether it be voicing home stories, stories of the gay scene or adult industry, or stories of talent I think need a voice! X-rated, ginger or not.

– R. M.

P.S., I’m a ginger-phile. Red heads to the front of the line, please and thank you!