August Crush: Kason King

August Crush: Kason King

Have you seen the fresh face trying to break into porn recently? The blonde cutie from the land Down Under, Kason King, wants to get you off! The 6 foot blonde cutie is my August 2010 crush! Advertisements

He Doesn’t See It

Jake Gyllenhaal does gay porn now as a ginger, tattooed hunk from the UK and going by the name Kennedy Carter!? Well, no, he’s not. A guy can dream, though! See, my June Crush, Mr. Kennedy Carter, tells me he doesn’t see the resemblance between himself and the A-list celeb. Hopefully this will now change! … Continue reading

Over 140: #FF

Goodbye, FF! You were fun at first, but now it’s more like a tedious job and elitist promotion, for me I mean! #FF means “Follow Friday,” for those of you still not in the know… Just in case you still don’t get it: Follow Friday is basically a shout out to people you follow. What … Continue reading

July Crush: Spencer Drake

My July Crush is a new face in the world of porn! And, damn, he’s hot! Closet Case Blog’s July Crush is newbie Spencer Drake! Spencer got his big break over at Robert Chandler’s Real Guys Exposed, he is now doing weekly live cam shows over at Luke Bryant’s! Watch him live, this Thursday, … Continue reading

Spotlight: Johnny 2.0

Meet performance artist, Johnny 2.0 – you’ll be seeing and hearing quite a lot more of him in the next year, year and a half! Especially if you’re a hound for horror! If you happen to be in or near LA when he’s performing, you MUST go see and experience the raw intensity and emotion … Continue reading

June Crush: Kennedy Carter

Nothing like a little bit of fire to kick off the summer, right? So why not kick off our monthly crushes with a sexy tattooed ginger?! Closet Case Blog’s June 2010 crush is Kennedy Carter! The UK’s latest import is quickly making a name for himself in the States, most in part through his twitter … Continue reading

Colby Keller Recites “Types of Bitches”

Earlier this March my ever-adorable husband, Colby Keller, blogged about “Types of Bitches.” A list thought to be compiled by a 3rd grader — these scraps of paper were found by the teacher of said 3rd grade class. There are just under 100 different types of bitches, according to this list! You will note that … Continue reading

I Mean Really…

Such gorgeous scenery! I should hike through the woods with my polygamist husband, Colby Keller, some time! …oh, and there are some trees there too. See the uncensored pic after the cut!

STR8cam Lube

Tweet, tweet! Tweet all about it! Have you heard all the chirping lately in the Twitter tree? Well, if you haven’t: most gay porn fans have been all a-flutter lately over @STR8cam‘s newest product, a brand of their own lube: STR8cam Lube. I have to admit that at first I was wondering if STR8cam Jeff’s … Continue reading