Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Trailer is Here!

Before I get started on my part for Turkey Genocide Day Thanksgiving dinner (it’s only 11 in the morning and I’m already a little behind schedule), I thought I’d leave you guys this little gem! Christmas already, good gravy… Now, it’s no secret I get a raging nerd-on for Doctor Who and now the trailer … Continue reading

Studly Alan Ritchson Sings!

Well, color me smitten! I wasn’t aware that Smallville and Blue Mountain State hottie, Alan Ritchson, appeared as a contestant on season 3 of American Idol! From my understanding, he made it to Hollywood but, unfortunately, didn’t make the top 10. Ritchson can sing, there’s no doubt about that. He’s just given me a whole … Continue reading


Things are slowly getting worse as time goes on, as expected. As of the time I’m writing this (Saturday, October 1st, 2011 — 1:56 AM — PST), my mom needs far more help than she did two weeks ago. In fact, we’re going to call the hospice in the morning to have someone visit us … Continue reading

A Turn

On Monday my mom’s doctors informed her that there’s nothing more they can do for her and, as of that same afternoon, she’s been placed in hospice care. The day after a bed and a few other things (oxygen tanks, machine with mask, walker, wheelchair) were brought over and it actually brought a smile to … Continue reading

Doctor Who Comic Relief Mini-Episodes!

I’m a complete geek for the newer Doctor Who series, there’s no denying that. I started watching when the 9th Doctor (Chrisopher Eccleston) revamped the series, saddened when he regenerated into the 10th incarnation of the Doctor (David Tennant — who just might be the best version of the Time Lord so far?) and really … Continue reading

Over 140: A Response to Collin O’Neal

I recently received a fascinating question from World of Men (NSFW) creator and overlord (and drop-dead stud, and a total sweetheart), Collin O’Neal: Is being a porn star really a career? What is the future for porn stars? @ClosetCaseBlog @COPBlog @ErikTLA @FabScoutHoward @GPTimes — World of Men Studios (@worldofmen) January 8, 2011 When I was … Continue reading

October Crush: Alessio Romero

Okay, boys and girls, I know, I skipped September. Unforeseen circumstances had me cancel my crush last month. Apologies! We’re moving on though, right into one of my favorite men and seasons! My October crush is hot Latin papi, fellow King Taco and sope lover, Alessio Romero! Alessio is as filthy a pig as he … Continue reading

Eddie Stone – “The Stone Age”

Eddie Stone – “The Stone Age”

The Stone Age has to be one of the most interesting adult movies I own! Definitely my favorite of my collection now. The first sex scene featuring my longest porn crush, Eddie Stone, is cute, sad and aggressive all at the same time! The story fascinates me — there’s a gay caveman tribe and a … Continue reading

The Trouble with Coming Out

There are so many things I could say here to excuse my being closeted but, at the end of the day, that’s what they’ll still be. Excuses. What’s perhaps the most honest thing to write here is that I just don’t feel a need to stir shit up at home when I know others around … Continue reading